VINES Commodity Traders

Vines Commodity Traders: A Rwandan Company Making a Difference in Skincare

Vines Commodity Traders is a Rwandan company that specializes in making body lotion. Founded in 2021 by Sengoga Herman, the company’s mission is to provide high-quality skincare products that are gentle on the skin and suitable for both children and adults.

The inspiration for starting the company came when Sengoga Herman noticed that a particular lotion he and his family used was no longer available on the market. He saw an opportunity to create a solution to this problem and started researching skincare products that were suitable for children but also effective for adults.

The company’s flagship product is a pink lotion that is specifically designed for children. This lotion is formulated to keep the skin moisturized for a long time while allowing it to breathe. Unlike other lotions that can block the skin’s pores and cause itching and sweating, Vines Commodity Traders’ lotion is gentle and effective.

The company also offers other skincare products, including a cocoa-based lotion for students and youth, a blue lotion for men, and a green lotion for people with allergies or damaged skin. All of these lotions share the same high-quality ingredients and commitment to keeping the skin soft and healthy.

One of the things that sets Vines Commodity Traders apart from other skincare companies is its commitment to creating jobs for Rwandans. The company currently employs ten people, all of whom are Rwandan, with six women and four men. Sengoga Herman hopes to expand the company’s workforce to fifty employees in the coming years.

The company’s lotions are available in supermarkets across Kigali, including Simba Supermarket, T2000, Kigali City Market, and Nyabugogo. Customers can also purchase the lotions online through RwandaMart.