The Unique Scents and High-Quality Products of Lyrical Aura Candles.

Lyrical Aura is a company dedicated to bringing together fragrance and art through beautiful candles. Founded by Samia Igihozo, the managing director and co-founder of the company, Lyrical Aura started in February 2022, intending to create scented candles uniquely designed for people who appreciate the beauty of candles in their homes or as gifts.

Samia is a creative person who loves crafting, and through this passion, she came up with the idea of making scented candles, especially since there are not many scented candles made in Rwanda. The scented candles that Lyrical Aura produces are made from coconut wax, and the fragrances used are unique, such as mango and coconut, apples, and maple bourbon. Samia takes great pride in creating scents that are not unique but also long-lasting.

Lyrical Aura is committed to providing high-quality candles that burn for 70 hours, ensuring that customers get value for their money. The packaging of the candles is also unique, which sets them apart from other candles in Rwanda. Moreover, the prices are affordable, making it accessible to many who appreciate good scented candles.

RwandaMart is an e-commerce platform that is helping Lyrical Aura sell its products not only locally but also internationally. Samia is grateful for this platform as it has helped expose her products to a wider audience, and she can now deliver her products to customers free of charge. Furthermore, Lyrical Aura now has a shop on the platform, helping showcase and promote the products to the local market.