The Inspiration and Journey of Sarah Legrand and her brand K’tsobe, handmade organic Jewelry.

Sarah Legrand is a passionate and ambitious entrepreneur who is determined to bring something unique to the fashion industry. After leaving her career as a model, Legrand spent ten years training in jewelry making, leading to her brand, K’tsobe.

K’tsobe is a collection of handmade, organic, architectural, and tribal products that are made from a fusion of natural materials such as seeds, wood, and horn, as well as noble materials like silver, gold, brass, bronze, and enamel. The brand is named after Legrand’s mother clan, the Abatsobe, who was known as the guardians of the seeds and the esoteric code of Rwanda.

The “K” in K’tsobe also stands for Keizia, Legrand’s daughter’s name. K’tsobe offers a wide range of jewelry for men, women, and children, including colliers, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, and cufflinks. Inspiration for K’tsobe comes from Legrand’s Belgian-Rwandan heritage, nature, and the symbols and cultures she has encountered during her travels.

Some of her jewelry is also inspired by the artist Byram Tunez. Legrand’s ultimate goal is to turn K’tsobe into an international brand that is made in Rwanda. She advises aspiring entrepreneurs to be patient, never give up, and believe in themselves and their goals. Without self-belief, it is impossible to succeed.

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