Sosoma Industries Limited

SOSOMA Industries LTD: Leading in nutritional flours Made in Rwanda.

SOSOMA Industries Ltd is a limited company established on November 1, 2008, by manufacturing products SOSOMA1, SOSOMA2, FORTIFIED SOSOMA2, SUPER MAIZE MEAL, ROASTED SOYA FLOUR, Red and White SORGHUM FLOURs initially produced by the SOSOMA Production Unit of DUHAMIC-ADRI.

The benefits of SOSOMA Industries Ltd, especially in its contribution to fighting against malnutrition, were proven. The company has been closely partnering with major governmental and none governmental organizations to improve the quality and access to food for children, women, sick people and vulnerable groups. Indeed, SOSOMA Industries is one of the tools to let Rwanda meet 3 of the MDGs to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, reduce child mortality and improve maternal health.

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