Paniel meat processing

Satisfying Meat Cravings in Rwanda: The Unique Offerings of Paniel Meat Processing Limited.

Paniel Meat Processing Limited is a Rwandan company founded in 2012 by Herve Tuyishime. Its main objective is to increase the quality and quantity of livestock-derived products related to meat available on the Rwandan market. The company aims to help Rwandans get access to good quality meat, which is a nutrient-rich food.

Rwanda has low per capita meat consumption, with the average citizen consuming only 8 kilograms per year. To address this issue, Paniel Meat Processing was initiated to solve the challenge of not getting enough quality and quantity of meat on the market.

The company offers different types of meat, including minced meat: shank, shoulder, fillet, carbonate, cutlet, Libby, and Osso Bucos. Paniel Meat Processing also processes meat based on a client’s order, which ensures that clients can get a certain special type of meat according to their preferences.

The company’s products are of good quality because they are from livestock that is cared for organically and fed good quality feeds. Paniel Meat Processing has a high-standard butchery in Kimironko and outlets in Gisimenti and Remera. The company also sells its products online through RwandaMart and other online platforms.

Paniel Meat Processing Limited is a company that provides high-quality meat products to meet the needs of Rwandans and foreigners. The company’s commitment to providing good quality and diverse meat products has made it popular for those seeking well-cut and adequately prepared meat.