TEMACO BUILDERS paving the way for concrete development in Rwanda.

TEMACO is an innovative manufacturer of prefabricated concrete products which has been supplying superior quality concrete products to the construction industry since 2012. TEMACO prides itself on having an unrivalled drive to innovate and improve the quality of its products and services.

TEMACO´s founder, Emmanuel Tuyisenge, is passionate about understanding concrete and delivering top-quality construction materials. He has restlessly strived to take TEMACO to lead quality and innovation in the sector. Concrete products, yes, but only at their best. With that mentality, he has put TEMACO on the ladder to becoming a future market leader.

Temaco Builders always strives to create products that can improve landscapes as well as improve the quality of life by providing the best quality of concrete materials in the sector.

Temaco products include: Paving stones, Road Krebs, Cement blocks, Outdoor tiles, Water go, and Slabs.

Temaco believes in making people happier by developing products that have no negative impact on lives as well as products that care for the environment. We think sustainably and strive to improve our processes to reduce the impact on the environment. All our waste concrete is crushed and reutilized meaning that there is no concrete being landfilled. We have a rainwater harvesting system which enables us to reduce our water consumption.