E-commerce Accelerator Program (EAP): #RwandaMart Marketplace Store Setup & Configuration.

E-commerce Accelerator Program (EAP): RwandaMart Marketplace Store Setup & Configuration.

The EAP Program is a series of practical and technical training to enable you to truly activate your E-commerce potential. The most important area of E-commerce after actually generating sales and setting up your e-commerce store correctly is to ensure your business has the competitive edge by successfully managing your inventory.

Online Marketplace: A virtual marketplace is a huge online market where third-party sellers, and even individual businesses, can sell or resell products. Direct businesses earn based on profit while resellers earn based on commission. Examples are AliExpress, eBay, Jumia, and CATCHYZ. 

Each marketplace comes with its own search engine that offers an additional source of traffic

Several types of e-commerce used today are classified based on the nature of transactions B2C (Business to Consumer, B2B(Business to Business), C2C(Consumer To Consumer) and C2B(Consumer to Business). 

  • Business to Consumer: are commerce between companies and consumers. Involves customers gathering information, purchasing goods that are tangible such as books or consumer products or information goods or goods of electronic materials such as software, and receiving products over an electronic network. It is the second-largest and the earliest form of e-commerce.
  • B2B: is defined as business between business, this is the type of E-commerce that deals with relations between and among businesses. E.g Walmart, Aliexpress…
  • C2C: Consumers sell directly to other consumers using the internet and web technologies. Individuals sell a wide variety of products on the web or auctions websites i.e Ebay.com
  • C2B: this involves individuals selling to businesses, this may include a service product that a consumer is ready to sell. Individuals offer prices for specific products or services.

Access presentation slides here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/11L_2ceOakVLTKu_TJpdRf5-hfFb-a9UWnR5PnPADLnU/edit?usp=sharing