Nyamirambo Women Center

Nyamirambo Women Center crafting high quality kitenge fabrics Made in Rwanda.

Meet the Nyamirambo women who have tailored their lives to prosperity.

Nyamirambo Women’s Center (NWC), a Rwandan NGO, was launched at the end of 2007 by 18 Rwandese women living in Nyamirambo, Kigali. Together they created a project which aimed to address gender-based violence, gender inequality and discrimination. Today, NWC’s mission is to provide education and vocational training to women who do not have the means to pay for such training on their own, so that they can gain better opportunities for employment.

In pursuing this mission, NWC has 3 overall objectives:

  • To strengthen the institutional and organizational capacity of NWC
  • To promote and empower women through capacity development and employment
  • To encourage women and community-based tourism

 To fulfil the mandate of these objectives, NWC offers free classes in literacy, English, basic computer skills, handicrafts and sewing, empowerment training on gender-based violence and responsible community-based tourism.

​From high-quality kitenge fabrics, the women of Umutima Cooperative craft products range from children’s clothes, women’s accessories, and home décor with a creative style and outstanding quality that can’t be found at other tailors or markets around Kigali.

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