Nyirabanyaga Marigarita

Never too young to start! A story by Nyirabanyaga Marigarita.

Marigarita is not your typical 75 years old. 60 years running her business and following her dream of hand-making bags, Margarita is a role model to both young and old and when talking about her business, her eyes light up, and you can see her 15-year-old self again.

“When I started making bags, everyone in my village was like why can’t you stop whatever you are doing and just come cultivate like the rest of us?” Margarita states. But she was never discouraged but what people thought about her because on the other hand, she was getting clients across. “No woman wanted to move from one sector to another, but I could move and come sell my bags in Kigali.” She adds.

Margarita kept improving her techniques through training and introducing new bag designs, and in  2002 her efforts and dedication were recognised. “ I joined a competition for entrepreneurs in my sector and came first” Margarita exclaims with pride. She went on to be the first at the district level and National level. “I was extremely happy to see my country recognize me,” Margarita adds.

After the competition, Margarita was awarded a trip to Germany and she went with a few ministers at that time. “When I travelled to Germany it seemed like a miracle!” She exclaims. When asked to take her away from Germany, Margarita recalls someone who approached and told her how she was doing an amazing job and asked what she can do for her. “Without Hesitation, I asked them if they could renovate a school in my village”. Margarita said. A few years later the school was renovated and everyone in her village was so proud of her.

Since 1961, Margarita is still on top of her game and her products are sold across the world. She takes great pride in how her talent and business helped her raise her kids and take them to a good school. Her biggest life achievement remains meeting the president of Rwanda. “I am so thankful for H.E for always inspiring us, encouraging us to work.” She exclaims. Margarita’s advice especially to young people is to grab the opportunity that our society is much developed, be smart and work hard.

The trend of Handbags made of plastic:

The trend of handbags made of plastic he trend of handbags made of plastic

There have been people who have made very good things with plastic bags, like Louis Vuitton. In fact, back in the day, Louis Vuitton even made the very famous crocodile print handbags with the famous initials LV on them.

We don’t really know what triggered the change in direction from the old fashions to the new fashions. Maybe plastic bags were discovered by a designer at the height of the 1970’s because the plastic bags were cheaper to produce and there was an economic slump? We don’t know the exact details, but plastic became the new craze for a wide range of products; and the new plastic handbags are now a fact of life.

The big problem with plastic is that they have to take a lot of chemicals and put them into the plastic of things in order to actually create the plastic objects. Plastics are synthetic polymers.


Types of Handbags:


The different types of handbags that you can buy in the market are hand bags, wallets, purses and diaries. All these products are available in the market and come with various sizes, design and shapes. Handbags and wallets are a symbol of beauty and luxury.In the present market, there are so many handbags are available for sale. Below are the type of handbags are available in the market.

Wallets are available in a range of colors. This particular handbag is suitable for both men and women. Wallets have compartments for notes, coins, cards, coupons etc. They are great for students because they can easily carry their notes, money and cards. If it is your first time of using a wallet, then you must get yourself a good wallet as it will help you in the pocket. To select a good wallet try to find a wallet with a leather handle and with a zipper.

Purses are generally considered as an accessory for women. They are a good way for a woman to carry her things. Most of the purses available are made up of plastic, canvas and cotton. Purses must be very handy and they also contain many compartments. These compartments are mostly used for small items such as keys, tissues, cards and sometimes even pens. If you are looking to buy the right purse, then a wallet that is made up of durable fabric material with compartments for coins, keys, cards