Samantha Freedom Ahirwe founder of Posh Creative

Make your feet pretty with Rwandan-crafted crochet shoes from Posh Creative.

Meet Samantha Freedom Ahirwe founder of Posh Creative Ltd in April 2017, in line with the ‘Made-in-Rwanda’ spirit. She has been helping underprivileged women aged 39-60 since then by providing employment and training. On a purpose to benefit vulnerable people in her society and reach out to rural jobless women whose lives are underprivileged. They empower them to become financially independent through trainings and connecting them to a global market to sell their products. Their future vision is to expand the company and make posh creative products more visible in the region and beyond. 

Posh Creative is a lady’s footwear and accessory company that creates exquisite crochet sandals and handbags. Their beautiful, one-of-a-kind creations are made by hand, with the utmost care and attention to quality.

The Posh Creative team has a vision for each client that is individual and unique to their lifestyle, vision and personality. They are dedicated to their customers, offering a boutique approach, they have a solid understanding of your needs and wants. From the initial order, through the design process and the delivery of the finished product. They know you and your vision, then take that vision and work closely with you to bring your vision to life.

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of the business. With her experience in the industry and a unique, creative process that yields creative outcomes at every turn, they are able to create something that will be timeless and stand the test of time. Their work is both trendy and timeless and each piece will speak for itself, whether it be a gift for someone special or a treasure for you.

Crochet sandals

Do you know what kind of crochet sandals are? I’m sure a lot of you don’t know about these kinds of crochet sandals. Do you know that crochet sandals have the same function as the other footwear? Of course, some of them are so nice like crocheted flip flops and crochet mules but the more popular and best-selling ones are crochet sneakers.

Are you still thinking why should you buy a crochet sandal? Have you got a perfect answer to ask about the reason for buying a crochet sandal? There are so many reasons why you should buy crochet flip flops. Some of you even never think that these crochet sandals are so interesting. You can purchase a crochet flip flop right now, right away!

First of all, these crochet flip flops are a perfect example of crochet shoes that can be used by every young person. Of course, even you are a kid, you may have the chance to buy these crochet flip flops. For the adult who loves to make himself/herself a new thing, crochet flip flops are perfect.

Second, crochet flip flops are great when you’re on the beach because the fabric of the sandals covers your feet and your feet will not suffer any water damage from the water. You can enjoy your feet and put on your crochet sandals that are covered by the crochet fabric when wearing them in the rain. 

Samantha Freedom Ahirwe founder of Posh Creative

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