Fidelity Garments Limited.

Made in Rwanda ready-to-wear apparel from Fidelity Garment Limited.

RUSAGARA Josue founded Fidelity Garment Limited in December 2020 with the aim of providing clothing that is well-tailored and uniquely customized in Rwanda by Rwandans. Fidelity Garment considers the interests of the customer in their business activities as its most important part.

Ensuring that every product has been produced in consideration of their strict ethics and quality principles. Carefully choosing the materials for our products with the highest care and attention. Having set themselves ambitious targets including considerable increases in sales and earnings. Fidelity Garment wants in particular to have extensive product expertise, strong brands, a global presence, efficient business processes, highly qualified and motivated employees, and distribution activities that are tailored to the end consumer. The brand is truly authentic and homegrown, utilising African-inspired textiles and fabrics, and produced by Rwandan tailors and artisans.

At Fidelity Garment Limited, you are assured of the best competitive prices, high-quality standards, years of industry experience, a global presence, shortest lead time, quick sampling, fair and sustainable sourcing, cotton made-in-Africa, recycled fibres & accessories and much more advantages.

Buy Fidelity’s Limited garments

Customers may choose to personalize the product with their choice of colors and garments. In addition, they may choose their own design, type, and size.

Fidelity Garment Limited can make it to your specifications. We take great care to hand-craft our products so customers receive superior quality. Our products are unique and highly attractive. They are also very durable and strong. Our product is made using high-end material.