Islo Collections: Where Fashion Meets Creativity

Islo Collections is a clothing company founded by Colombe Samaza in 2020 that specializes in making women’s and men’s clothes for different occasions. Located in Kimihurura, Islo Collections offers a unique shopping experience to those who love fashion and creativity.

Colombe’s passion for fashion began when she was a child, making her clothes and those of her friends. As she grew older, her hobby turned into a business as she realized there was a need for unique and custom-made clothes in the market. With her expertise, Colombe started making clothes in two ways – ready-to-wear and custom-made.

Islo Collections’ custom-made clothes have become the company’s unique selling point. Customers prefer custom-made clothes because they can bring their ideas to life and ensure they fit their bodies perfectly. Islo Collections is known for its neat finishing details, making its clothes stand out.

Men often prefer buying shirts from Islo Collections, while women love shopping for dresses, especially ceremonial ones. Islo Collections also offers wedding dresses and different designs and colors of men’s shirts depending on the occasion. The company also provides clothes made of kitenge, giving customers an African touch. Additionally, Islo Collections offers accessories like makeup bags that can be used for different purposes.

Islo Collections is proud to be a female-dominated company, with 80% of its employees being women. The company has four full-time women and three part-time employees ready to serve customers anytime.

Customers can find Islo Collections in Kimihurura and contact the company through social media platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram at IsloCollection. Customers can also find their products on RwandaMart, making shopping for clothes more accessible.