ILBA Products

ILBA Products Ltd: Making a Mark in the Natural Hair Care Industry.

In 2020, ILBA Products Ltd was founded to create natural hair care products that cater to the needs of African hair types. The founder’s personal experience during the lockdown made her realize there was a gap in the market for natural hair care products made using ingredients that African hair needs. ILBA Products Ltd started by selling natural hair accessories like brushes, spray bottles, and bonnets appropriate for African hair types. However, the founder soon realized that people were missing the most important thing: natural hair care products made specifically for their hair type.

The biggest challenge with natural hair is that it breaks a lot, is unmanageable, and is difficult to comb and dry. The founder made sure to include all the necessary ingredients that keep hair manageable, reduce frizziness and tangles, and make hair softer, shinier, and more manageable. Natural hair care products from ILBA Products Ltd include avocado, shea butter, cocoa butter, castor oil, and many others that have the potential to nourish natural hair and help it grow while keeping it manageable and shiny.

The first product from ILBA Products Ltd is hair butter which contains natural ingredients like shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, sesame, avocado, and more. This hair butter gives natural hair a good texture without altering its appearance. The second product is a moisturizing and conditioning shampoo containing natural ingredients like okra, hibiscus flowers, peppermint, and much more responsible for hair growth, dandruff, and blood circulation stimulation.

ILBA Products Ltd makes natural hair care products and empowers local farmers economically by using their products to make their unique products. Additionally, their products do not contain harmful chemicals that affect users’ health and increase the risk of breast cancer. The company also creates job opportunities for youth and women by expanding and creating even more hair care products.

ILBA Products Ltd’s natural hair care products can be found on their website and Instagram page, in beauty shops, beauty stores, and some salons around Kigali. They also offer the option to order products online. ILBA Products Ltd is making a mark in the natural hair care industry by creating products that cater to the needs of African hair types and empowering local farmers and communities economically.