Daco Mode

From Kitenge to Silk: Daco Mode’s Beautifully Crafted Range of Fashion.

Daco mode is a fashion brand founded in 2016 and managed by Kayitesi D’arc, the managing director. The brand designs clothes made from materials such as Kitenge, silk, and jeans. Kayitesi has always been passionate about fashion and used to sell clothes while working in an office.

She eventually ventured into the fashion industry full-time and traveled to Cote D’Ivoire to learn more about different designs and styles. Daco mode is committed to using high-quality materials and ensuring that every piece of clothing is well-finished. The brand caters to women of all sizes, focusing on plus-size customers who often struggle to find clothes that fit them.

The brand offers various styles and designs, from silk dresses to Kitenge outfits modified with unique fabrics like “Dantele” from Ghana. Daco mode welcomes all women who wish to dress well and look stunningly beautiful. Whether for work, church, a party, or a wedding, customers can find the perfect outfit at Daco mode.