Isubyo House Art

From Firewood to Masterpieces: A Look into Isubyo House of Art’s Unique Woodworking Process.

Isubyo House of Art is an interior design company based in Kacyiru, Rwanda, that specializes in producing furniture made of wood. The company was founded in 2019 by Iradukunda Joseph, an experienced interior designer passionate about wood design. The company’s main focus is on designing houses using wood from the trunk to the finishing, emphasizing the value chain of wood and minimizing waste.

Isubyo House of Art designs and produces a variety of furniture, including tables, chairs, beds, kitchen sets, and sofa sets. The company also creates home decorations such as watch clocks, lamps, and chandeliers. They cater to custom orders, where clients can bring in their designs or choose from the existing designs in the showroom. The company provides internship opportunities to students from the University of APRC and teaches young people in the Youth of Gisozi about wood production.

Isubyo House of Art sets itself apart from other interior design companies by focusing on wood as the primary material for its designs. Joseph emphasizes the value of wood in creating a cozy home and uses local materials such as scrubs, trees, and grass. The company buys materials and rents expensive machines to clean and polish the wood before assembling the pieces to create a masterpiece. They then vanish the finished product before showcasing it in the showroom, where clients can pick it up or deliver it to their homes.

To find Isubyo House of Art’s products, clients can visit their showroom in Kacyiru or find them on Instagram and Google Maps. The company prides itself on its commitment to reducing waste and using sustainable materials in its designs. With a focus on wood design, Isubyo House of Art provides unique and cozy interior design solutions that will impress clients.