Free Coffee Tasting Event

Free Coffee Tasting Event.

JICA Cup2 in collaboration with the E-commerce Center Rwanda, welcomes you to a free coffee tasting event on Friday, June 2nd. Come taste the best Rwandan coffee, and discover how e-commerce is improving Rwandan businesses.

Date: 3rd June 2022
Time: 3 PM – 6 PM
Venue: E-Commerce Center, KN7, Kigali Behind Sawa City

For more information
Call: 0791 345 390

In Association with:
RwandaMart, National Agricultural Export Development Board and JICA Rwanda.


Made in Rwanda coffee 
Made in Rwanda coffee is a popular beverage, both at home and in cafés. Because of the large number of expatriates from other African nations who work in the country, Rwandan coffee has earned a reputation for its taste. There is a big range of types of roasted coffee sold in Rwanda:

Rwandan Speciality Coffee- These coffees go through a traditional roasting process called Nyama Imani- ‘An African Ritual of Roasting’. This includes the sourcing for beans which are not grown according to environmentally-friendly principles or which might have been badly stored for long periods. It is done in one-week sessions usually lasting from Sunday to Saturday. During this process, the beans are washed, soaked in water, dried, pulverized, and spread out to dry. It takes approximately 10,000 beans to produce 100 gr of Rwandan Speciality Coffee. At this point of the process they are given their name, and the quality of the Rwandan Speciality coffee is certified.

Commercial Coffee- This is the popular type of coffee sold in supermarkets, and used for home brewing. The beans arrive in large bags and don’t undergo the same process as the Rwandan Speciality Coffee, but are still roasted in an enclosed space.

Flat White Coffee- Like the regular coffee, it’s been through the process of roasting and is then bagged, but differs in one major way.