Chocolate Character

Flavors of Diversity: Chocolate Character Patifi LTD’s Chocolates from Rwanda.

Chocolate Character Patifi LTD, led by CEO Patrick Devirst, is an esteemed chocolate company based in Ronda Musanze, Rwanda. Since assuming the role in 2016, Devirst, an agriculture engineer from Belgium, has dedicated himself to creating a delectable range of chocolates in various enticing shapes and sizes.

The company’s chocolate offerings encompass three primary sizes and shapes: medium, small, and bars. With weights spanning from 20 to 80 grams, Chocolate Character Patifi LTD presents customers with a diverse selection to suit their preferences. To enhance the overall experience, the company has introduced innovative packaging options, catering to both individual customers and other businesses. Customized packaging is available for companies seeking to showcase their own branding, while smaller and larger packaging options cater to individual customers. Moreover, a discovery package featuring six distinct chocolates enables customers to savor a variety of flavors.

Notably, Chocolate Character Patifi LTD has gained acclaim for producing chocolates of exceptional quality that prioritize health. Their chocolates have obtained the approval of regulatory bodies such as the FDA and RSB, attesting to their commitment to providing safe and wholesome products. Consequently, Chocolate Character Patifi LTD has earned the trust and patronage of renowned hotels like Simba and Sawah, along with leading supermarkets in Kigali, the capital city of Rwanda.

In addition to their standard offerings, the company takes pride in offering customizable corporate gifts. Customers have the opportunity to personalize their gifts by incorporating their company logo, selecting specific packaging designs, and choosing the desired size of the chocolates. Chocolate Character Patifi LTD goes above and beyond to ensure that these tailored chocolates align with the unique requirements and branding of each company.

Operating within Rwanda, Chocolate Character Patifi LTD upholds stringent quality control standards to ensure the delivery of healthy and tantalizing chocolates to its customers. Their products can be found not only in prominent hotels and supermarkets but also online via RwandaMart, facilitating convenient access for chocolate enthusiasts across the country.

Chocolate Character Patifi LTD has emerged as a reputable chocolate brand in Rwanda, garnering recognition for its commitment to producing high-quality, healthy chocolates. With a range of customizable options, innovative packaging, and a focus on customer satisfaction, the company has successfully carved a niche in the chocolate market, delighting consumers with their delectable creations.