Jun designs

Empowering Rwandan Communities through Traditional Furniture Making.

JUN Designs, a furniture company founded in 2020 by Musemakweli Fred Junior, formerly known as Born in Rwanda Products, has a noble goal to empower underprivileged individuals in rural areas of Rwanda to turn their talents into sustainable livelihoods. The company creates traditional chairs using raw materials easily found in Rwanda’s agricultural sector, such as banana plantain leaves, palm tree leaves, and bamboo. The production process involves cleaning and knitting the leaves, polishing them to protect them from water, and then putting them to market.

JUN Designs started with only two employees responsible for designing and testing chairs for comfort and safety. The company has grown to seven employees, four full-time and three part-time, who the first two employees have taught valuable skills. JUN Designs works closely with the community to help create sustainable livelihoods and preserve Rwanda’s rich cultural heritage.

JUN Designs’ chairs are available in various locations across Kigali, including Kigali Cultural Village in Rebero, Isubyo Arts in Kacyiru, and the Car Free zone. The company also has a strong online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where they showcase its products and provide updates on its operations.

Many individuals and organizations in the country have positively received the company’s mission to empower Rwandan communities through traditional furniture making. JUN Designs is a great example of a socially responsible enterprise that uses readily available raw materials and works closely with the community to create sustainable livelihoods and preserve cultural heritage. By supporting JUN Designs, customers get unique and beautiful furniture and contribute to a worthy cause.