Uwase Yvonne founder of Beza Fashion design

Emerging fashion house seeking to personalize unique local corporate attires.

Beza Fashion Design is a ready-to-wear modern inspired clothing line offering quality, trendy inspired fashion at affordable prices. Beza Fashion is a fun, chic line centred on inspiring individuals to confidently dress boldly and beautifully. All garments are made with great attention to quality.

With the Founder’s love for fashion and passion for self-expression through unique clothing, Rwandan born Uwase Yvonne launched the Beza Fashion brand. Clothing made by Beza Fashion is one of the kinds that suit anyone. They are made in different prints in all colours easily cleaned with normal soap and clean water. Beza Fashion Design’s range includes womenswear, menswear and kids clothing. Products are all Made in Rwanda, some are hand-embroidered and high quality.

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More information:

Customers may choose to personalize the product with their choice of colors and garments. In addition, they may choose their own design, type, and size.

Beza Fashion design can make it to your specifications. We take great care to hand-craft our products so customers receive a superior quality. Our products are unique and highly attractive. They are also very durable and strong. Our product is made using high-end material.

It is a convenient product. Our products are the perfect gift for many occasions. The unique product are also great for many social occasions, celebrations, travel and other special occasions.