E-commerce Engineering Module training course

E-commerce Accelerator Program (EAP): E-Commerce Engineering Module.

The EAP Program is a series of practical and technical training to enable you to truly activate your E-commerce potential. The most important area of E-commerce after actually generating sales and setting up your e-commerce store correctly is to ensure your business has the competitive edge by successfully managing your inventory. The session goes over step by step:

◾ What is E-commerce Engineering

▫️ Parallel with local Commerce Engineering

◾Rapid Market Research: Opportunity

▫️ Beginner Mistake: Assumptions to avoid.

▫️ E-Commerce Analytical Tools Comparison.

▫️ E-Commerce Analytics Case Study.

▫️ Group Exercise on Unicorn Smasher.

▫️ Analytics and meaning for business.

◾Cost of Marketing

▫️ Online Marketplaces Costs

◾Cost of Logistics

▫️ Understanding Volumetric vs. Actual Weight

▫️ Exercise calculate Bamboo Lamp box volumetric weight

▫️ Logistics Costs vs. Speed Dilemma