barcode and labeling with Ngozi Naturals

E-commerce Accelerator Program: Barcode and labelling workshop with Ngozi Naturals.

The EAP Program is a series of practical and technical training to enable you to truly activate your E-commerce potential. The most important area of E-commerce after actually generating sales and setting up your e-commerce store correctly is to ensure your business has the competitive edge by successfully managing your inventory. This video goes over step by step on:

. Packaging & Labeling; Product packaging, SKU & Barcodes and Labelling.

. Exercise; Create your SKU, Create your Barcode & QR Code and Design & Print your label.

. Good practices


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Barcode & QR Code

A Barcode is a representation that you can read quickly, with its black & white lines, with the assistance of a barcode reader. QR Code is a newer version of an older 2D barcode that employs black & white squares in an orderly way. The squares are mostly filled in black to code the information. What’s neat about QR Codes is that it’s a 2D barcode, where you can store a massive amount of Information with alphanumeric entries. Because the reading pattern is an ordered grid of black & white boxes, a QR Code can hold a lot of information as well.

The use of QR Codes has expanded as we see how they work in more and more apps. In the banking and security industry, it has proven to be a faster and more reliable option in storing critical information as compared to a contact or business card. But these QR Codes can be used in much more than just banking or security. We hope to see more use & adoption of QR Codes in the future and encourage developers to start incorporating them more and more in their apps.

E-Commerce labelling

E-commerce represents the buying and purchasing of goods and services using the internet. This trend was already booming, and the COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated its growth.

With the surge in online purchasing comes the need for an assortment of labels and packaging. As the world continues to evolve, label converters have been busier than ever as they adjust to new forms of ordering.

Going digital

Digital printing has emerged as a go-to technology for converters looking to meet the demands of their customers. This surge in e-commerce purchasing has created an immediate increase in pre-printed barcode labels in the logistics supply chains. The concept of “digital” transcends printing presses, too, as digital platforms have helped simplify the online ordering processes for many converters.

Labels featuring variable data are also seeing increased adoption with e-commerce labelling. Variable data printing (VDP) is a form of digital printing in which elements, such as text, graphics and images, may be changed from one printed piece to the next, without stopping or slowing down the printing process, using information from a database or external file.