Fundi Maendelo

Creating Eco-Friendly Furniture with a Personal Touch: The Fundi Maendelo Difference.

Fundi Maendelo is a furniture company founded in 2013 by Nsabimana Jean Marie Vianney. The company is based in the Kinyinya sector and specializes in making furniture from trees and wood. Fundi Maendelo’s mission is to create unique and sustainable furniture that not only meets the needs of its clients but also positively impacts the environment.

The company began with the simple goal of training young people to become employees in the future. From a young age, Vianney’s passion for carpentry and crafts led him to establish Fundi Maendelo. The company uses trees and wood to create various pieces of furniture, from chairs and tables to cupboards and doors.

Fundi Maendelo’s approach to using trees and wood is unique. They use every part of the tree, from the roots to the leaves, to create beautiful and functional furniture. For instance, they use the roots to create decor items, while the branches are used to make lights. The tree powder is also used for writing and drawing, creating more unique decor items like earrings.

The company’s commitment to sustainability is admirable. They ensure that the furniture they make is aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly. They use already-grown trees, reducing the need to cut down new trees. Additionally, they use the powder from the trees, leaving no waste behind.

Fundi Maendelo is a client-focused company. They listen to their clients’ ideas and work with them to create furniture that meets their needs. They even advise clients who may not know precisely what they want, helping them understand the standard dimensions for various furniture pieces.

The company has a team of permanent employees skilled in carpentry and crafts. They ensure that the furniture is made to high-quality standards and that each piece is unique.

Fundi Maendelo’s products are available in Kinyinya, Gisozi, and online on RwandaMart. With a maximum of eight employees, the company focuses on quality and sustainability rather than mass production.

Fundi Maendelo is a unique and sustainable furniture company committed to creating eco-friendly furniture. Their focus on using trees and wood to create functional and beautiful furniture is commendable. If you are in need of unique and sustainable furniture pieces, Fundi Maendelo is the company to check out.