E091 | Crafting Your Living Experience: The Creative and Functional World of Alex Woodhouse.

Crafting Your Living Experience: The Creative and Functional World of Alex Woodhouse.

Alex Woodhouse is a Rwandan-based furniture and wooden crafts company founded in 2017 by Gakwaya Alex, the managing director. Their main goal is to enhance the daily living experiences of their customers through their unique and beautiful creations.

The company takes pride in its creative and innovative approach to furniture and wooden crafts. Before producing any product, they first identify the project and the type of wood to be used. They source their wood from different types of forests to ensure that their products stand out in the marketplace.

Their gallery displays a range of ready-made products with different designs. However, the company also takes custom orders and designs from their customers. This ensures that each customer gets a unique piece that meets their needs.

Alex Woodhouse offers a variety of products that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. For instance, they have a range of wooden serving boards, salad bowls, and coasters that add style to any dining table. They also have decorative pieces, such as Live Edge balls and vases, that can be used to beautify any space.

One unique feature of Alex Woodhouse products is that they are food safe, and the treatment applied to the wood is organic. The company uses edible beeswax as a finish, meaning their products are beautiful and safe.

Their wooden mugs and cups are a standout feature of their product line. The mugs are functional and creative, such as a wine glass and wood combo. These products are suitable for personal use and make great gifts for friends and loved ones.

Alex Woodhouse products are available both locally and internationally. Their gallery is in Kacyiru, and their products can be found online on RwandaMart.rw. Whether you are in Rwanda or abroad, Alex Woodhouse products are a must-have for anyone who values creativity, functionality, and aesthetics.