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Bine Brush Beauty: Enhancing Beauty, One Face at a Time, beautiful all the time.

Bine Brush Beauty is a makeup company based in Kigali, Rwanda, established in January 2020 by the talented makeup artist Jackobine Grace UMUHOZA. With a passion for beauty and a love for making people feel beautiful, Jackobine founded Bine Brush Beauty to provide exceptional makeup services to clients for various occasions.

The company specializes in different makeup types, from daily office makeup to video shooting, wedding, and special event makeup. Bine Brush Beauty offers personalized services catering to client’s needs and preferences, ensuring they feel confident and beautiful for any occasion.

Bine Brush Beauty’s makeup application process is meticulous, as they follow specific steps depending on the client’s desired look. They begin by wiping the face to remove dirt or old makeup, and if needed, they trim eyebrows to achieve the perfect shape. For clients with sensitive skin, Bine Brush Beauty applies a primer to protect the skin before starting the makeup application process.

Since its inception, Bine Brush Beauty has garnered positive client feedback, praising Jackobine and her team for their exceptional skills and professionalism. The company’s attention to detail and commitment to enhancing clients’ natural beauty has made them a popular choice for makeup services in Kigali.

Clients can contact Bine Brush Beauty through their social media platforms (@Bine_sbrushbeauty) or by visiting their physical location at KCT, first floor, door 17. Additionally, Bine Brush Beauty’s services are available on RwandaMart’s website, providing clients with a convenient way to access their services.

Bine Brush Beauty’s dedication to providing excellent makeup services has made them a leading name in the beauty industry in Kigali. With their personalized approach and attention to detail, clients can trust Bine Brush Beauty to enhance their beauty and leave them feeling confident and beautiful for any occasion.

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