BeanBag Kigali

Bean Bag Kigali: The Innovative Solution to Comfortable and Versatile Seating.

Bean Bag Kigali is a company co-founded by Paula Annet Jabiro, a young entrepreneur with a passion for creating comfortable and stylish furniture. The company is located in Rwanda and specializes in making high-quality bean bags that are perfect for relaxing at home, in the office, or by the pool.

The idea for Bean Bag Kigali came about when Paula and her co-founders were still in college. They noticed that the bean bags they were using were not readily available in Rwanda, and had to be imported. They saw an opportunity to create their own bean bags that would be both affordable and easily accessible to anyone in Rwanda.

To create their bean bags, the company uses four different kinds of fabrics and offers three unique designs. Each bean bag is hand-sewn with a zipper that makes it easy to remove the outer fabric for cleaning. The inner layer is made of another fabric that helps to protect the foam filling, which provides the comfort needed to relax.

The three designs offered by Bean Bag Kigali are the circular bean bag, which is perfect for two people to sit on while watching a movie or having a conversation. The backrest bean bag is another popular design that allows for a comfortable position while sitting, and is often used near swimming pools. The final design is a bean bag that is perfect for offices, as it allows for a comfortable sitting position without making employees too relaxed.

One of the reasons why Bean Bag Kigali’s products are so popular is because they are designed to provide a comfortable sitting position while also being stylish and affordable. The circular design is perfect for lounging with a friend or loved one, while the backrest design is great for sitting and enjoying the outdoors. The office bean bag design is perfect for those who need a comfortable and supportive chair while working.

Customers can easily purchase Bean Bag Kigali’s products by sending a direct message on their Instagram page or through a WhatsApp business link. They can also order online from RwandaMart. With Bean Bag Kigali’s high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder why they have quickly become a popular choice for anyone looking for comfortable and stylish furniture in Rwanda.